Jon Corzine on Economic Lessons From New Jersey

Corzine: Start early, stay with it, and keep talking to the public about what the problems are.  Make it clear that you’re addressing these problems, but also make it clear that the challenges didn’t get created in a year or two or even a single term, it’s almost the exact words that President-elect Obama said on the night of his election, that it will take time for any administration, any leader to move a country that is in the kind of position that we’re in as a nation.  And I can say that just as equally about where we are as a state.  How you restructure, reform and get into a position of stability for the public is going to take time and it’s going to come with a lot of hard choices.  And so, people need to give the President-elect the opportunity to see these things work.  It’s now a tired phrase but there are no silver bullets to this.  It is a lot of hard work and it takes time.

Jon Corzine says not all economic recovery is top down.

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