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Governor Corzine began his career on Wall Street in 1975 when he was recruited by the New York investment firm Goldman Sachs. After taking a job with the firm as[…]

Gov. Jon Corzine has a list of the next big economic opportunities.

Corzine: I think I would be looking for a diversified portfolio that looked at real estate, energy, particularly alternative energy, energy efficiency related companies. [IB] it’s not private but although Warren Buffet made it almost private by taking a stake in a company like General Electric, which is involved in the infrastructure and particularly in the energy related areas that has good cash position, long-term good position in society. I would look at biotech companies on ones that are working on the applications of stem cells, in advancing how we would deal with multiplicity of diseases that just have not yet come up with the kind of treatments that, I think, there’s a huge market for. Think about MS. Think about diabetes. Think about things that have huge markets, companies that are working on that, that have the ability, investing in those companies that have good starter sets of research in those areas, I think, will lead to great success over a longer period of time.