2 Ways to Know If You've Hit Your Career Ceiling

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Over a year ago
Why didn't Kodak or Polaroid invent Instagram? If any company was poised to understand the role of photography in life, and where the future would take it, the smart money must have been on the industry giants. Instead, they protected their legacy technology and went bankrupt. The lesson, says Jon Acuff, is that companies can hit a career ceiling just like individuals. According to Acuff, 70 percent of Americans don't like their jobs and are prepared to do nothing about it. If your job "owns your weekday and haunts your weekend," then you're probably among the majority. So it's important to be honest with yourself about how you feel about your job and to take a critical look at the support your company is offering you. Are they encouraging you to learn new skills that will keep you relevant in the industry? Or are they protecting past success and willfully neglecting the future? Identifying whether you've hit a career ceiling is the first step toward taking action.