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David Maine was born in 1963 and grew up in Farmington, Connecticut. He attended Oberlin College and the University of Arizona and has worked in the mental-health systems of Massachusetts[…]

Sort of, says Maine.

Question: Is there a clash of civilizations?

David Maine:If there is, it is being propelled by countries like ours, not by countries like those in the Middle East, or wherever. It’s a clash of, it's a grab for resources. It has to do with fossil fuels and political and military hegemony and maybe water. I mean, they are saying in 30 years all the wars are going to be over water, not oil. It's a battle between developed nations that want more resources to continue development versus those which were struggling to keep up. But do I think there's a philosophical clash between the east and west? No, I do not. Recorded on: 2/20/08