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Bob Guccione, Jr. began his career at the age of 18 in the UK where he became Britain's youngest-ever publisher. A year later he returned to America and launched the[…]

Serial magazine publisher Bob Guccione, Jr. says porn will become more artistic, sensual, and intellectual.

Guccione: Well, I think I’ve just been branded as one of the few people who knows where porn is going.  If only I was that exciting.  You know, I don't know where it can go.  It is now so unbelievably boring.  It is such a drag to get sent a link now of people eating each other, frankly.  It’s a sad thing to say, but it’s true!  It’s true.  I think we’re going to have a different reaction in relationship in the next few years with eroticism.  I don’t think it has become more artistic.  I think it’s going to go back to where it was in the 1600s, in the 1400s, in the 1700s, when there was an explosion of what we would call porn, which was just eroticism.  The danger has gone.  There’s no danger in porn today.  There’s no excitement.  There’s no edge.  There’s no, you know, possibility of awkwardness which is where the thrill and the energy usually comes from in sex.  That’s all gone.  But if we can get that back, if we can get that back through arts, and I think it will be more artistic, it will be more sensual, it will be more intellectual.  You know, I think it will actually to return to the true roots of what makes something erotic and that becomes more stimulating.  So that maybe… that it is where I can see it’s going.  I see what is happening now becoming even more marginal and, you know, eventually if you project, three or four years, that it’s irrelevant.