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Born in Arona, Italy in 1946, Alberto Alessi is managing director of Alessi Spa and head of marketing strategy, communication and design management.As the eldest son of Carlo Alessi, he[…]

The designer says it all depends on how you define luxury.

Question: Is design a luxury?

Alessi:    Depends from what you think is a luxury.  Design, for me, for all the Italian design factories phenomenon, is a new and very contemporary form of art and poetry.  Then, is art and poetry a luxury?  I leave to you the question. 

Question: How do you balance functionality with art?

Alessi:    It depends very much from the area where you are working in.  For example, my personal job in my work, I am dealing with the objects that are hundreds of years old, if not millenary sold.  If you think how old this bowl or a cup or a pot, thousand years old, that means that almost all the functional matters have been… have found their solution.  And this space, which is left, is still a space related to the emotions, not so much to the function.  You cannot invent so much in my field.