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Born in Arona, Italy in 1946, Alberto Alessi is managing director of Alessi Spa and head of marketing strategy, communication and design management.As the eldest son of Carlo Alessi, he[…]

The designer invokes “the borderline” to define where he works.

Question: How do you integrate research into your product line?

Alessi:    Being a research lab, I am allowed to take, by definition, to take more risks in my activity.  And to work more close to the borderline, the borderline which divides the area of possible from the area of not possible.  Okay, the difference with a mass production company is that mass production company… They try to work as far as possible from the borderline.  Instead, being an Italian design company, my role and my destiny is to work as close as possible to the borderline.  By definition, I’m asked to take more risks in my industrial activity, [which] is more exciting also.