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 A contributing writer for Fast Company, Lucas Conley is an experienced journalist with an eye for stories that change how we see the world. Widely published in a number of[…]

Lucas Conley instructs corporations to forget top-down branding.

Question: Is there a clear message you’re trying to send both corporate America as well as the consumer at the end of all of this?

Lucas Conley: Yeah. I think the message to consumers is this book we were just talking about, is to be aware, to have a better sense of a field like word of mouth marketing or neuromarketing, the ways that marketers are formalizing some of these technologies and fields of psychology to get to us better, to understand us better, so just the awareness of how brands are reaching out to us. For executives in the business world, the message was clear to me from the beginning, which is quit thinking about your brand. The brand is a result. It’s not a tactic. Your brain is like a shadow that you cast on the market and if you are focused on making good products, you’re focused on meeting customer needs and staying ahead of trends and kind of getting out there and understanding your audience, you’ll have a good brand and don’t worry about creating it from the top down.


Recorded on: 7/23/08