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Who's in the Video

Adam Platt includes his wife in his reviews. Does he run the risk of sounding like the child-quoting Adam Gopnik?

Question: Do you ever worry about falling into the Adam Gopnik trap? 

Adam Platt: Well, maybe I already have but I’m not-- It’s-- You write about-- I write about her and I also write about other people that are with me because people enjoy reading about them and it breaks up what is- I won’t call it the monotony of food writing but it gives it a little bit of a dimension. And it so happens that she comes out with me and she has things to say and so I quote her although it’s funny. When I first got this job she’d come out a lot and now it’s- I have to really drag her out to restaurants. She’s-- Basically, she’s full up.

Question: Any places she likes going back to?

Adam Platt: Well, we don’t really go back. We go to sort of-- We don’t-- We have two little kids so when I get a night off I don’t really go to- we don’t go to a lot of restaurants. We go to places in our neighborhood and for certain events we might go to a fancy restaurant sort of a birthday or something like that but we don’t-- And I think this is probably true of a lot of critics. They don’t habitually eat- especially if they have families, although many of them don’t, they don’t habitually eat out when they don’t have to, and that’s the case with me and it’s certainly the case with her although she’s not a restaurant critic.


Recorded on: 4/22/08