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Azim Premji is an Indian philanthropist and the chairman of Wipro, Ltd. According to Forbes, Premji is currently the second richest person in India with a personal wealth of $17[…]

Azim Premji’s main concern is that too much protectionism is building up in the developed world.

Question: Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the way the rnworld is headed? 

Azim Premji: I’m a supreme optimist.rn My big concern is that this period of reset of the world, too much rnprotectionism is building up among the developed world. Now, that rnprotectionism is very dangerous, and that protectionism is also buildingrn among services, which is the next emerging flow of trade because 60% ofrn the world is services, 40% of the world is products and agriculture, orrn industry and agriculture. If the developed world starts putting rnrestrictions on flow of services, the developing world which has power rnof economics and power of consumption will put restrictions on flow of rnproducts. And that’s very simple to me. All you have to do is raise rnimport tariffs, which have fallen on a systematic basis over the past rn10-15 years. So you’ll trigger a wall of less trade. I think that will rnbe the most regressive thing that the developed world could be doing.Recordedrn on May 7, 2010
Interviewed by Victoria Brown