Video - Change is good

Greg Davis, who's on the CASTLE Advisory Board, sent me the Change is Good video yesterday. It's cute and makes some good points. Here are a few that stood out for me:

  1. Re-recruit your best people. As a leader you always should be in marketing mode, obtaining and reinforcing buy-in for desired actions. You can't just take your stakeholders - even your 'best' ones - for granted.
  2. Forget for success. It's difficult to get rid of existing mental frameworks but it's often necessary in order to move forward.
  3. You can't teach culture. You have to live it ... experience it ... share it. And most importantly ... you have to show it. If we want our staffs to be technology 'learners,' what are we doing as school leaders to personally model those learning processes ourselves? Also, what are we doing to help our staffs live and experience the digital, global world on a regular basis?
  4. The things that get rewarded and appreciated get done. Leaders control the resources of time, personnel, money, etc. Use them wisely and strategically.
  5. Reinforce, reinforce, reinforce. The job is never done. Continuous emphasis of important themes and actions must happen if change is to occur. Say-it-once or do-it-once models of information dissemation and/or staff development are doomed to fail.
  6. FYI, there also are a number of other leadership videos at the Simple Truths web site. Here's a great quote from the You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School video:

    If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.

    Unfortunately our K-12 educational system has been asked by society to chase a lot more than two rabbits...

    Thanks for sharing, Greg!

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