US Stimulus Plan Works or Not? And Patriotic Bonds Now!

US Stimulus Plan Works or not? And Patriotic Bonds Now!

US Stimulus Plan Works or not? And Patriotic Bonds Now! It is a trillion dollars question!

One of 25-depression sinner and enabler of Time Magazine, Alan Greenspan sarcastically says “the recession eventually will COME TO END!” I am so sure that he does not understand the severity of this unprecedented recession or depression. I do not blame him just like Prof. Krugman to blame him for his negligence for the foreclose debacle and the result of depression. (The obscured point is that Mr. Greenspan asked Krugman to apologize!) Alan Greenspan just an old and cunning bureaucratic. Just like Mr. Cheney, never say sorry for his WMD theory and bring us to an unnecessary Iraq war and the recession. They eventually will come to end too and they may be not cared! I care! The land of freedom and democracy! If the US787 B (may be more to come!) stimulus plan cannot help us get through this recession. Hungry babies will be crying for milk, mother wondering in street for food and father camping in empty and dirty lane in almost every state, Michigan, Florida, California Texas, Kansas, Nevada, Wisconsin, Carolina, Arizona, New York…. etc., American will be down graded to a regional power or a 2nd class nation! Such chaotic and weak America! Who cares? Because of the Alan Greenspan and some of the 25 Time depression sinners’ fault of free-market delusion and their blind-trusted computed-generated- math-model, now the recession becomes almost global trend. The WROLD is sharing America’s COD, CDS, SYNTHETIC CDO…etc., and its adversary effects. And because of that, the liquidity is in global contraction probably except China. It is very difficult to bail out this US recession! Confidence is not enough; sacrifice is not enough, now we need a real patriotic heart. Use every citizen’s private money to buy our treasury bond—9.96 dollar for a 10 dollars unit, 1.5 to 2% interest, 30y mature. (Yes! 10 dollars Treasury bill, let every common citizen has a chance to buy!) Yes! We Americans take the responsibility to buy the 30 yr Patriotic Treasury Bond to save our country. That will give Chinese and Japanese more confidence to buy our Treasury Bond in the future. Now come to question, can this stimulus bill work? Yes! In the short term, it will buy us time to figure out the Plan B. In the long term NO! 787 B IS TOO LITLE AND TOO LATE! (SEE BANK OF AMERICA IS 3.01 DOLLAR A SHARE, City is closed to 1.8 dollars a share on Feb 20, 09) Even the Bank nationalization (no meaning now! Only give the Wall Street Fat Cat to wallop the cheap City and purge another bank opponent that is why the Fat Cat likes to see the Bank Share down! They want to buy a clean and cheap Bank after Bank Nationalization! ) Action now Please! I knew everything will come to end, recession not exception! But at what prize? A time is factor! Waiting is dangerous! Mr.Geithner, let us hear your detail plan now! Unless you want America to lose in more than a decades! And downgrade to 2nd class nation! Here is one , Patriotic Bond! God Bless America!

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