From Chucky to the happening, horror movies have lost their edge a bit. Either the script and the storylines have gotten worse and fantasy based or the actors arent naturally talented. Maybe its just me but I just am not afraid, startled by, or impressed by the horror flicks. The graphics are great tho, i can give props to the technicians who slave over their beefed up cpu's but it seems its the same old song being sung in a different note. In the beginning of the movie everything is odd and normal then something tragic happens and all mayhem breaks loose. I dont even consider Horror movies to watch for entertainment with friends because its predictable, but i guess movie are to be a leisure activity or viewing where you unplug your mind and boot up your imagination. tell me what you think people...

Free will or Determinism?

is it possilbe to choose what isnt already determined?

Personal Growth

It is heavily prevelant in our culture today that people hold to beliefs that are crafted to their personal experience or is dictated by their peers. In the world today it seems that everyone can choose to belief what they want. This notion of subjective truth is all about comprimising and staying away from confrontation. But what if we would talk matters out? like Free will or Determinism?

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