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Technology & Innovation

Blogger Stevel Rubel spoke with Big Think yesterday on the the future of

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Though support for European fringe groups generally runs in the single percentage points, voter turnout in next week's elections might not run much higher, which bodes well for those outside the mainstream.

Transitions Online reports a full 150 seats in the 736-seat Parliament could go to fringe groups either on the extreme left or right. The parties run the gamut from German Neo-Nazis to radical Greens to the British National Party. But the parties all espouse divisive policies on immigration, job protection, European unity and national sovereignty that run counter to the Parliament's mandate to build to consensus and transnational unity. A number of MEP's are representing fringe groups in this year's elections. One of the unlikeliest is comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala who has aligned himself with France's Front National.

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Culture & Religion

The popular notion that food trends improve over time might be little more than a foodie's conceit.

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Politics & Current Affairs

For a president elected on his promise of pulling the U.S. out of Iraq in a jiffy and treating the world at large with a softer hand, observers say Obama is carrying on in much the same tradition of his predecessor when it comes to foreign policy.

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