Suddenly, I feel very upset and then my phone is ringing. Without any hesitate, I answered it as quickly as I can. Can you speak slowly because I can not listen to what you said? What? Is she serious hurt? A bad news that my girlfriend fell down when she was at work and has been sent to the hospital for an in-time treat by her partners is coming. On hearing the unlucky news, there is no time for me to consider everything, instead of wanting to know if she is well at that time. When I arrive in the hospital, the doctor tells me that there is not anything serious with her just because she is so tired that her stomach was in agony. Besides, if she is willing to adjust her habits in the following days, she will recover very quickly. After listening to the words of the doctor, I finally release my worry and then walk into the ward where she lives in. Although I do not know why she is ill, I think that she must do something for me and does not tell me. Seeing her pale face, my heart is very hurtful. My dear, I am coming and please do look after yourself well because if you are ill, I will be very sad. I promise that I will never leave you alone and spend my whole life to love you. Maybe, my voice is so loud that she wakes up and gives me a warm smile to persuade me not to be unhappy. I know that she works so hard to earn enough money to buy a set of apartment for our future, not the Scions Of Fate gold. She hopes that she can make her promise come true by owning the SOF gold to exchange them into money in one year. However, she still does not understand that I have decided to say goodbye to her because of my parents. So as to let her recover quickly and realize our future under the help of the Scions Of Fate money, I return home to inform of my parents that I will never give up my girlfriend together with the cheap SOF gold and will walk further with her in the rest time. I do not know whether I am wrong to treat my parents like that, but I should be responsible for my girlfriend because she can assist me to buy a house, not only buy sof gold.

When I was young, I preferred staying lonely and often hided my true feeling in my heart. Hence, I did not like talking with the contemporaries and refused to take part in their group to share something interesting. As for my strange behaviors, my parents often persuaded me to play with the children but I was not willing to accept their opinions.As a matter of fact, I can not talk over clearly and this kind of situation lasts a long time until I meet the net game with the rohan crone to go into in the unreal world. However, in the beginning, what the net game is? Or what the net game will bring to me? I am always considering the questions and talk with the friends who I have made to hope that I can get the answers. Finally, under the help from them, I obtain the answers that what the meaning of the net game and what the game will benefit me. Besides, I become very familiar with the net game with the rohan gold and call it as my best friend, although it is the unreal thing.Therefore, since I come across with the net game online, I do not feel lonely. At the same time, I am willing to spend my spare time to stay with the game. In the unreal world, I have become talkative and make a lot of friends from the foreign. Moreover, I often share my stories with them and they are very friendly to supply some opinions for me. For example, in recent, my parents ask me to leave my boyfriend at once and force me not to go to the bar for playing the game by using the rohan online crone. On hearing my words, they show me their hand and tell me how to solve the problem. Thanks to their warm help, the problem has been done with perfectly. In order to show my thanks, I make a decision to deliver the rohan online gold to them for free and share a good net site which sells different kinds of gold with them so as to buy some cheap rohan money.Of course, most of important is that I like talking with everyone who is around me and my behaviors make my parents very happy. Besides, I promise that I will make good use of the net game to change someone who is similar to me.

Recently, I am considering where it starts from. Today, I finally know the answer from the net game which is very popular in the modern times. In our company, I have made lots of male friends and there is good relationship between them and me. Because I often share something new happening in the life, I know a lot of personal things on them. It is said that some of them do not have girlfriends. As for the reasons, they give me a surprising response that they do not have enough time to look for their partners. But in my views, I can not agree with their excuses and say that they should attempt to do with these questions. So as to help them to solve their difficulties, I introduce the net game which I usually make use of to make strange friends from everywhere, not only using the QQ or MSN, with World of Kung fu Gold. At the beginning, they can not understand my words and prohibit me from talking with them about the net game because they think that playing net game is a waste-time behavior and persuade me to leave the game as soon as possible.Of course, I do not listen to their words and insist on walking on the way of the game. Besides, I would not like to give up my idea to invite them to my home for my birthday party. On hearing my invitation, they were very happy and all of them agreed to come to my house. Depending on the arrangement, they got my house with a lot of delicious foods which are my favorites. During the progress of the party, I brought them to my living room purposefully and wanted to let them know how I can to enter into the game through the WoKf gold. At that time, they did nothing and just watching my operation carefully. In the following, they asked me to teach them to play the game. I did not hesitate to tell them how to use the World of Kung fu money to take part in the game and where to buy World of Kung fu Gold safety.After listening to my ideas, they agreed to use the cheap World of Kung fu Gold to play the game at once and they said sorry to me for their original behaviors. Certainly, I did not take care of their words. Finally, some of them have found their girlfriends in the unreal world.

Birthday gift

In the world, I think that I am a lucky and happy girl because there are a lot of people who give me their best wishes during each birthday party. Therefore, I usually long for my next birthday when I go through the last one. In the birthday party, I will get different kinds of gifts from my parents, my grandfather and my good friends. Besides, I can have a chance to obtain a wishing cap from my grandfather that he will do me a favor to complete my dream.Similar to the peers, I finished the College Entrance Examination without difficulty to enroll into the college. Just at that time, my birthday was coming and my family prepared to hold a party to celebrate the good news. According to the arrangement in advance, the party was held in our house and I invited a lot of friends to take part into it. During the party, I got a large number of beautiful presents and good wishes from them, besides my grandfather. I liked those gifts very much and became excited to watch a special gift that my grandfather gave me. It is nothing but some wow gold with which I can enter into the game freely. Talking about the net game, I should say lots of words on it because it benefits me a lot. At the same time, I believe that only my grandfather can understand me well and he will be my support to supply me with the money to buy enough World of Warcraft Gold to enjoy the game.In order to express my thanks, I sung an English song in the party and also brought my happiness to them hoping that they will be happy like me. After the party, my grandfather told me that my parents had also agreed me to play the net game with the warcraft gold in my spare time and they would give me some money to buy wow gold as their gifts. Thanks to you, my grandfather. You will the most important person in my life. I was so pleased that I jumped high with my grandfather. Suddenly, my grandfather became younger than before and there was a large smile on the face. From then on, I indeed go to the bar without the my agreement to play the game with my other friends that I made online and with their help, I get lots of cheap wow gold to improve the level of my character in the game.