Walter Isaacson on Alan Turing and the Imitation Game

Biographer Walter Isaacson talks British mathematician Alan Turing, the inventor of the Turing Test and one of the subjects of Isaacson's newest book, "The Innovators."

Surprising Science

Biographer Walter Isaacson compares Alan Turing's computing philosophy with that of Ada Lovelace a hundred years prior. Turing, the subject of the new film "The Imitation Game," is also featured prominently in Isaacson's new book "The Innovators."

Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs' Favorite Product: The Apple Team

Biographer Walter Isaacson discusses his new book The Innovators and why Steve Jobs was a prickly teambuilder.

Technology & Innovation

Walter Isaacson discusses how Steve Jobs may have had a prickly personality, but his ability to build loyal and innovative teams was one of his greater talents.