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Did the Election Change How Men and Women Negotiate?

Men have become much more aggressive with women in their negotiation style since Donald Trump became president, according to a new Game Theory based economics study. More aggressive tactics by men are leading to reduced mutual benefits and a destruction of value in negotiations.

Why Are Pandas Black and White?

The biologists who revealed why zebras have black-and-white stripes now also have a theory on the black-and-white fur of giant pandas.

Could New Tools Help Prevent Suicide and Self-Harm?

Social media is uniquely positioned to detect suicidal tendencies. Facebook's new algorithm offers better detection, live chat support from crisis-support organizations (via messenger), and integrated suicide prevention tools to help people in real time.

Is Now the Time to Talk Politics at Work?

Talking about politics in the office is stressing people out and hurting their productivity. Many discussions are erupting into full-blown arguments, and millennials are particularly likely to witness political escalations in the workplace.

How Much Does Wall Street Give Back?

Only 15% of Wall Street's capital actually flows into the "real" economy, while much of the rest slushes around within Wall Street itself. As a result, the financial sector does not create the same opportunities for the real economy as it once did.

Does War Bring out the Worst in Us?

How likely are you to help a stranger? What if you were in a war zone? If you think that the desperation of conflict really brings out the worst in people, you might be surprised.