Why I Celebrate People Who've Made Mistakes

 I try and learn also from other people's mistakes by just watching and talking to them.

I think the best lessons are learned from things that didn't go right because you tend to be able to move on from them.  You think about it.  I've made ton of mistakes across my career.  I'm naturally suspicious of people who claim that they never made any mistakes. 

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Business is Way Ahead of Government on Immigration

Human beings or businesses are global and human beings are semi-movable. That creates a real challenge, especially when you move into the realm of digital businesses. 

We're living in a very interesting time right now.  Governments have no choice but to gain their legitimacy from political communities that exist within geographic borders, but business has already for some time gone global. 

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A Sane View on Immigration

Our immigration policies are counter to the philosophy of the country and certainly counter to sound economics. 

One obvious thing that the U.S. needs to do is to get our immigration policy in line. 

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Glocer explains why today's graduates are uniquely positioned to succeed.