Are there limits to the truths science can discover?

Dr. Alex Berezow talks about the importance of communicating science in a clear and accurate way and why he turns to religion for the answers to some questions.

Science has revealed much, but it can't tell us everything. (Credit: Image Editor via Flickr/Big Think)
Culture & Religion

Dr. Alex Berezow is the author of Little Black Book of Junk Science, an easy to read pocket guide to debunking the most widespread anti-science myths out there, from the threat of artificial sweeteners to autism-causing vaccines. In his second book, Science Left Behind, Berezow argues that anti-science sentiment is not preserved exclusively for conservatives, but is also widespread amongst progressives who hold positions like aversion to clean energy programs (nuclear) or the unhealthiness of the “unnatural” (GMOs).

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The biggest European festival on the future will tackle tough questions once again

Scientists, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs will tackle the most exciting and controversial topics shaping our future at Brain Bar, Hungary’s most inspiring event.

Brain Bar.
Personal Growth

How can nature thrive in an age of extinction? Can millennials upgrade socialism? Can philosophy save business? Will androids become your friends or foes? Why is everybody suddenly an entrepreneur?

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Weight loss is about diet quality not calorie counting, finds major clinical trial

A major clinical trial finds that diet quality beats calorie counting for the best weight loss strategy.

The best weight-loss strategy? Changing your relationship with food.
Surprising Science

The results of a major randomized clinical trial have just been released and they show that when it comes to losing weight the best strategy is to eat healthy rather than count calories or subscribe to a low-fat or low-carb regime.

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Chemicals used to make non-stick pans linked to rapid weight gain

These chemicals are also widely used in products like clothing, shoes, wrappers and furniture, to make them more stain-resistant, waterproof and/or nonstick.

An egg sliding out of a non-stick frying pan. (Getty Images)
Surprising Science

A new study from Harvard University has linked chemicals found in non-stick cookware with weight gain, especially in women. 

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