Sad Clowns

With all the comedic entities there have been over the years, it seems that all of them have come from hollow beginings that led to sadder endings. Fanny Brice, the original 'Funny Lady" (Pun definatly intended) came from a broken lower class home, and throughout her life she struggled with love.  Lucille Ball's father died when she was a child and her mother left to support her family.  And the brilliant Carol Burnett also had a similar begining to two alcoholic parents, one dieing and the other dieing soon after.  I realize I've only included females here, but I've never studied male comic, I'm presuming theres a similar effect though.  But WHY?

I'm aware that this sounds like a silly question, but there is no such thing.  Behind the funny lady facade, Lucille Ball was a power house of television entertainment, eventually becoming president of her own company.  But would this have happened if Desi Arnaz never met her?

I myself am a young writer and every story I have written takes place in Brooklyn.  I guess this is because I'm in love with how Brooklyn used to be; romantic and nostalgic, a real sense of what a neighborhood was.  There were people talking to each other out windows and children playing in the streets, everyone watched out for everyone elses kids, it was an American community, but yet, it was a piece of every country.  Immigrants coming from Ellis Island had their influences dabbled on it, and everything seemed to be meshed together to form a family that extended down the street and around the corner.  I think Brooklyn itself offers an array of different opportunities for a writer to pick and choose a story from.