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Steven Pinker: Are guns to blame for America’s homicide rate?

We need to enact policies founded on solid research — more importantly, though, we have to stop suppressing research into hot topics.

What is free will, really? Steven Pinker explains.

The processes behind our ability to make decisions are complex, but they're not miracles.

Academic freedom prevents us from getting trapped in circles of delusion

Without expressing and evaluating ideas, we would never be able to determine what's right or wrong.

Democracy: Still the worst kind of government except all the other kinds

In practice, no one has ever developed a democracy that works particularly well if judged in absolute terms. But all the alternatives so far have been worse.

Against chaos: The world is a hard place, but maybe humans aren't to blame

When we see problems in the world, we're quick to blame someone—anyone—who should be providing peace, love, and harmony. But the universe actually bends toward chaos and decay.

Why income inequality is not the injustice we perceive it to be

"The starting point for understanding inequality in the context of human progress is to recognize that income inequality is not a fundamental component of well-being."

AI Won't Takeover the World, and What Our Fears of the Robopocalypse Reveal

Steven Pinker believes there's some interesting gender psychology at play when it comes to the robopocalypse. Could artificial intelligence become evil or are alpha male scientists just projecting?

Is World History Becoming More Peaceful or More Violent?

If you want to understand trends in the history of global violence, look to data, not headlines, says Harvard psychology professor and linguist Steven Pinker.

Harvard's Steven Pinker: how we speak reveals what we think

Professor Steven Pinker illustrates how the study of linguistics can give us a rare window into the conscious mind.