We live in a country where church and state are to be divided. That is what our founders wished this nation to be formed around. The past few years has brought in the controversial issue of gay marriage. Why is it that a compromise cannot be met? Is it because the government being run by a conservative office be unable to pass this right? Is the public too divided amongst the issue. In reality, gay and lesbian couples do not want to 'rock the foundations of religeon' as many evangelical christans or basic conservatives would like to think. They just want to be recognized by the state and their nation as a couple. Two human beings who love eachother and wish to live with oneanother, maybe even raise a family. We certainly allow adoption for gay and lesbian couples, so why not connect a family together with that big m word that everyone seems to be in conflict about? It seems if we allowed gays and lesbians to be allowed the right to file for a marriage license, but leave it up to the churches whether they allow a cermonial service or not for them, it would make a strong compromise where both can be somewhat appeased.