Stephen Miles: Don't Get Defensive, Get Socratic

We often personalize our points of view or our ideas and there are people around us that want to aggressively poke at us. 

We all have people around us who aggressively poke at us. And when they do that, we tend to have a visceral reaction. In other words, we get defensive.

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You Talk Too Much. You Need to Listen For Content.

Most people listen to win the interaction, not to hear the content. 

A common trait in many executives at every level inside companies and, you know, in the population is just talking too much.  And,  you know, we get excited about whatever the content is that we have to deliver to whoever’s in front of us and we just start talking about it.  And it becomes a monologue.  And if it’s not a monologue then what it comes is "I want to win the interaction with you.  I want to prove that I’m right and anything you say to me I’m just gonna pick on that and you’re wrong."  

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The Next Big Thing Has Arrived. Don't Jump on the Bandwagon Yet!

I think experimentation is a really important part of the lifecycle of a company both strategically and from an innovative point of view. 

When there is a new idea that’s brewing out there, you don't need to jump on the bandwagon. You really only need to sort of go in ankle deep.  Ankle deep is experimenting.  I think the best things that people do and the best ideas come out of experimentation.  So you don’t have to go all in.  You can experiment. 

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On Pruning Moldy Ideas: Knowing When to Say No

The challenge for companies and for people is to get focused, ruthlessly focused.  And part of doing that is the pruning and deselecting moldy ideas. 

As human beings we like to collect things.  Companies like to collect things also - people, products, business models.  And we really struggle with letting go.  So, for example, companies struggle with divestiture.  They like to buy stuff, they like to hire people, but they really struggle with letting people go or divesting things. 

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