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On Data Horticulture

“The last decade has been about sharing. The next decade will be about protecting.” - Dave 

Have We Reached Peak Cronut?

Traditionally, cultural waves around food would take a much longer time to spread, generate hype and spawn imitators and fade out-  but not at the breakneck pace that we are witnessing in 2013. 

Time To Get Dirty: Harvesting Ancient Wisdom

The microbial pendulum is swinging back in the direction of embracing germs, and harvesting ancient wisdom into the mass personalization of microbial harmony.

3D Printing and the 21st Century Blacksmith

Today's “blacksmith” is a skilled designer/3-D Printer with highly developed skills in CAD design who is able to help locals prototype and create custom products that they concept for various uses.

Imagine No Possessions: In the Future, We'll Share Everything

In the second installment of our “8 Trends That Will Shape Humanity” series, we look at the rise of the "city state" and how the coming consolidation of humanity into cities will change life for residents of these massive urban hubs.

5 Trends for 2013: FUTURE

This week, in the final installment of a 3-part series, we look to five trends that will shape the Future. 

5 Trends for 2013: NEXT

Perfect beauty, HD photography, 3D printing, Elective Bionic Surgery, biohackers, and no religion are all trends to watch for 2013. 

5 Trends for 2013: NOW

"Now" trends are those with high energy and can be leveraged in the present; "Next" trends will begin to manifest towards the end of 2013 and gain traction through 2014; "Future" trends are fringe signals that will play out in 2015 and beyond.

Kidult Vs. Adult: America’s Next Great Divide?

With Big Bird’s surreal moment in the national spotlight, last Wednesday evening marked not only the first Presidential Debate of 2012 but also America's first national political Kidult moment. 

Meet the New “Power Woman”

Today’s Power Woman is manifested in popular culture as a positive, gutsy role model, breaking new ground and inspiring conversation and debate about women’s role in society.