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How I Make Work Like Play

A good half the time, I’m doing what I want to do, which is very rewarding.  It’s like play.

Is Willpower Innate?

Is willpower something that we’re born with and live with our entire lives? 

Our Old Genes Have Collided with the Modern World

We have old genes that are well adapted to living in some previous environment that are constantly encountering new environments. 

Two Neuropsychologist-Approved Stress Relievers

As long as the stress is transient, and then taken away, that seems to be a feature that leads to better stress responses later on. 

Bilingualism Will Supercharge Your Baby's Brain

Children exposed to two languages before their first birthday enjoy myriad cognitive benefits.

Why You Should Read Shakespeare to Your Children

Listening to Mozart does not improve your child's cognitive development. Reading Shakespeare will.