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You Don't Need College to Get a College Education

Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, explains that the aims of online education don't differ much from those of traditional learning.

To Grow a Big Business, Place Smart Little Bets, with Salman Khan

From a personal tutoring service for his young cousin, Salman Khan's company Khan Academy has grown exponentially into a massive, global, online engine for learning.

The Value of Self-Paced Learning

Why do we expect a C student to have a shot of understanding the next concept when they have gaps on a more basic one? 

Envisioning a Global, One-World Classroom

At Khan Academy, we talk about turning it into a global, one-world classroom. 

The Classroom of the Future

Salman Khan envisions the kind of school he would like to send his own son to. In a way it resembles the one-room schoolhouses of yesteryear, where teachers and peers alike are empowered to act as mentors, humanizing the classroom.