Want to Subconsciously Persuade Your Audience? Welcome to Pre-Suasion

Pre-suasion is a method of priming an audience to receive your message more openly. It's a powerful tool, and one that must be used in an ethical and just manner.

Culture & Religion

The Ancient Greeks were the first to set forth the original rules of persuasion, called rhetoric. Today, anyone seeking to convince someone of something would do well to follow their example. There is, however, another set of rules that Greek methods did not address. These are the rules of subconscious persuasion, or what social scientist Robert Cialdini calls "pre-suasion," on account of their ability to prime an audience for your message before you undertake to explain it.

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Personal Growth

Robert Cialdini discusses the excitement of finding new explanations through research.

Technology & Innovation

Robert Cialdini discusses influence in politics and across cultures, and how technology has changed the field.