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Your Brain in the Cloud: Access the Internet Directly with Your Mind

Technologist and futurist Ray Kurzweil says our brains, as complex as they are, are constrained by an upper limit of 300 million “pattern recognizers.” But our future, cloud-based “virtual brains” will have no such constraints.

Ray Kurzweil: Can You Read 100 Million Web Pages in a Few Seconds? Your Robot Assistant Will.

In our most recent discussion with Ray, he discusses the ability of natural language machines, such as IBM's Jeopardy!-slaying computer named Watson, to overleap our own cognitive abilities. The result, he says, will be a computerized personal assistant to help us throughout the day.

How Humans Can Put Machines to Shame

Being funny, being sexy or expressing a loving sentiment - that's the cutting edge of human intelligence. 

Ray Kurzweil: Your Thoughts Create Your Brain

The basic technologies to enable us to look inside the brain and see its functioning are growing exponentially. And they're at a point now where we can actually see individual interneural connections forming and firing.

Can the Brain's Metaphor Machine be Copied?

I'm not actually predicting that until 2029 that we will match human intelligence, but computers will nonetheless do things that humans can't do.

We Need More Intelligence

We won't be able to solve the major problems that we have without more intelligence. 

Am I a Technological Optimist? You Bet!

I think you have a very different perspective on the future when you consider the exponential growth of information technology.  

What if a Computer Passed the Turing Test?

My prediction is, in a few decades, we will come to accept entities that are not biological as conscious. 

True Intelligence Goes Way Beyond Logic

Intelligence actually involves things like being funny, being sexy or expressing a loving sentiment, maybe in a poem or in a musical piece. 

You CAN Predict the Future, and You Must

All too often we get plans which have this common assumption that the future’s going to be just like today.

Three Reasons to Reverse-Engineer the Brain

Ray Kurzweil is the author of the recent book How to Create a Mind. The first question we have for him is "why create a mind?"

Ray Kurzweil Explores the Next Phase of Virtual Reality

Futurist Ray Kurzweil assesses the current state of virtual reality before predicting how everything will change in the coming decades.