The last question.

Alright guys/gals, this one is extremely hypothetical but in a sense does have something to do with us and humans as a species.  Granted we don't destroy ourselves or are wiped out by aliens, etc., that is to say that we survive to see the day when all of the energy and matter in the universe starts running out, what will we do? In a more scientific sense: How may entropy be reversed?  I realize technologies would be incredibly different than now.  It's like comparing rocks to missles.  Isaac Asimov wrote about this in his famous short story "The Last Question".  If you are interested you can find the full text here, it is a very short read:

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Backwards Time-travel

There is already a post about time-travel; however, I have a more specific question.  Do you think time travel to the past can ever be possible? If so, how do you speculate it would work?

The questioned asked is whether or not you believe in destiny.  What I mean is, do you believe that you have a predetermined fate/destiny that you can not change.  Do you have a future already planned out for you.  I for one, believe that I have no pre-determined destiny/fate.  The choices I make, the chances I take determine my future.