Science Fiction giant Arthur C. Clarke died March 19, 2008. Is the visionary function of science-fiction helpful to the evolution of civilization?
A bone was hurled into the air by a prehistoric hand. When it came down, it was a spaceship. All of human history was encapsulated between these two shots of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, inspired by A.C. Clarke.

I referred to these movie-links elsewhere but I thought these films are so bizarre and funny I am doing it again. All of these mega churches are under investigation by Senator Grassley for financial improprieties.

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The Templeton Foundation has released a new Big Question: Does Science make belief in God obsolete? You can get the booklet for free or download it as a pdf at Before all the skeptics and atheists start howling with laughter, yes I know the Templeton's reputation for harboring a right wing Christian agenda. But, surprisingly, this collection of essays was edited by skeptic Micahel Shermer and includes contibutions by such luminaries of the skeptic community as Victor Stenger, Steven Pinker, Michael Shermer himself and the not so luminary Christopher Hitchens :-) amongst others. And of course it is balanced by essays for the opposing view.