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Don't Let Goals Get in the Way of Opportunities

Nitin Nohria: If you make others around you feel that you took the best advantage of every opportunity you were given, I promise you, you will get more opportunity in the future.

Seeing Firsthand How Business Can Make a Difference

In this century there are four billion people around the world who now have the possibility of enjoying the benefits of business. 

Connecting Opportunity with Passion

Nitin Nohria: My advice to people is to be open-minded about where the opportunity is, but find opportunities that connect with your passions.

Are You a High Self-Monitor?

Do you add to the energy in the room or suck the energy out?

Better Learners are Better Leaders

Nitin Nohria: I don’t think what you do is you teach leadership, what you do is you help people become better learners from experience so that they can enhance their own leadership.  

Moral Over-Confidence is What Leads Us Astray

Whenever we see examples of ethical or moral failure our knee-jerk reaction is to say "that was a bad person." 

Understanding Three Archetypes: Entrepreneurs, Managers, Leaders

Entrepreneurs are people who have dreams that go far beyond currently available resources. Managers bring discipline. Leaders get organizations to look for new commitments.

Motivation Goes Way Beyond Money

Nitin Nohria: The best organizations allow human beings to acquire things that they value, to feel like a part of a team, to make sure the work they are doing is meaningful and that they have ways of defending their interests.