What significance is there to any average American of whether we are an empire or not? Wouldn't a less empirical America possibly meet it's citizens and the world's needs better? Couldn't we become less materialistic and more motivated by empathy and idealism? Is Scandinavia suffering for its non empirical status?

Wind Energy

I live near Boston where there is an ongoing debate about a large number of wind turbines being placed as a commercial venture in Cape Cod Bay to provide electricity. Why is it necessary to industrialize wind energy in Massachusetts? We have plenty of wind. Why can't small turbines be attached to buildings or at ground level to produce electricity on an individual basis? I have watched attic and window fans spin without power all my life, isn' that the same concept? Seems it should be cheaper and more effective here than solar energy which we don't have as much of. The Ironworkers" Union have a large wind turbine on the expressway in Dorchester, why can't the T construct such turbines atop each location to provide electricity instead of contracting with a non Massachusetts firm for a 40 million dollar contract?