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There must be a reason for everything?

Is about the most useless phrase we've ever uttered.

Where was God on 9/11?

Pick a side, just like a football game with an invisible cup to win?

This is 2009 right?

A news article from New Zealand, more relevant to the dark ages. press/news/christchurch/2746441/Faith-healers-attack-cancer-with-prayer

Right from wrong

Religious people often claim that morals are derived from God, and generally conclude no God = no morality.

Atheism, the greatest evil?

Outgoing Archbishop of Westminster pays out on the greatest evil in society. In the middle of another round of paedophile priests revelations in Ireland, he's indentified it as athiesm.

Christians and logic

or the impossibility of Jesus. Is there a point to debating a cult that refuses to accept the tenets of logic, which proves their god cannot exist in the form they posit?

Christian Plagiarism, part 2

more info on Xtian syncretic traditions, or theft if you prefer.

Xtian mysteries?

Xtians, explain these if you can...

The Jesus Ace

Jesus, the perfect con trick.

Christian Tsunami... Help!!

What's a poor atheist to do?

Good and Evil.. connect the dots...

We can connect the dots all the way back to when mankind codified good and evil. No god required.

Poetic Science?

God created evil

England prays?

God is unknowable

Politics and Jesus

Jesus Vs Frodo