There must be a reason for everything?

Is about the most useless phrase we've ever uttered.

A 'reason' connotes plan. We anthropomorphise concepts all the time and this is a classic. Substitute the word 'cause' for reason and most of the nonsensical and deluded ideas held to by the faithful wither and die. 'The reason the sun comes up is that God designed it to happen that way according to his plan', would be a primitive example of what I mean. This is not something you'd expect thinking people to still subscribe too... and yet...

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Where was God on 9/11?

Pick a side, just like a football game with an invisible cup to win?

    With the latest anniversary about to tick over, my question is where was God on 9/11 in Lower Manhattan? was he on the plane with the Muslim extremists? was Jesus powerless to save all the faithful in the towers sending up their prayers as the drama unfolded? was it a clash of religious idealogies or something else?

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This is 2009 right?

A news article from New Zealand, more relevant to the dark ages. press/news/christchurch/2746441/Faith-healers-attack-cancer-with-prayer

In a series of news articles I stumbled across in the last 2 weeks it is sadly apparent the deep levels of superstition needed to sustain faith in secular progressive countries is still in tact. New Zealand provides this gem. A faith healing 'surgery' where people are treated as patients and prayed over (preyed?) by Xtian preachers in the name of the invisible sky wizard of love. It's an outrage that this stuff can be legal in this day and age, but where is the uproar?

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Right from wrong

Religious people often claim that morals are derived from God, and generally conclude no God = no morality.

In a court in Melbourne an ongoing case of clerical sexual abuse has heard from 5 times convicted priest Desmond Gannon, that 'He was only giving the boy an anatomy lesson'! A Baptist Minister commented, 'he has a maladative approach to his own sexuality, but had never said he knew what he did was wrong'. 

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