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Primerlife: More Human Than Human

The USB stick in your hand contains a zip file with your genome on it. You insert the drive into the side of your computer and click the button on the screen that says “Upload." The machine spits out a prognosis. The secret to your very own personal happiness.

Taking Matternet Into Their Own Hands

One billion people live beyond the reach of existing ports, roads, bridges and trains. An organization called Matternet is using exponential technology to "replace twentieth century centralized infrastructure" and accelerate economic growth for the 'rising billion.'

The Impending Black Hole of Technology and What We Can Do

Singularity University has spawned a group of start-ups with the ambitious goal of impacting one billion people in ten years. Big Think contributor Michael Raymond del Castillo profiles this group of entrepreneurs who are looking to change the world.

Astro Trash: A Cage of Our Own Device

The Earth could end up with a permanent junk belt that could make space too dangerous to fly in, a situation a new start-up plans to address with laser technology. 

How to Save Some Green This Memorial Day

Heading to the beach this weekend? Depending on how you travel, you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint, with the help of an innovative new technology company. 

Sniffing Out A Thousand Dimensions of Smell

Understanding the human ability to distinguish different odors may open the door to new ways of thinking about how the brain processes information and how we learn. 

How to Positively Lose Weight

Research in the field of Positive Psychology shows there is a “significant correlation” between healthiness and happiness.

Breakthroughs in Eating

The drive to eat has led to some of mankind's greatest achievements and pivotal moments.

The Caveman Diet

The human digestive system, which developed according to the diets of our cavemen ancestors, hasn't evolved to compensate for our drastically different modern diets and lifestyles. Is it time for a back-to-basics approach? 

Big Idea: Tissue Engineering

The burgeoning field of regenerative medicine, or tissue engineering, seeks to harness the body's own healing powers.