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Innovation and disruption: tools for social good, or get-rich-quick schemes?

We hear the term "disrupted" a lot. But what does it mean, and why does the fear of change it represents perfectly describe how President Trump won in 2016?

Want to sell your idea at scale? Then it's time to listen at scale

Social media has created some perfect crowd-think tools. But are people really listen to the conversations?

Cynicism Is Killing Our Democracy. Only Political Participation Can Save It.

"Hope" and "change" works both ways, says a former Obama campaign leader. It's time to inspire people who believe their voice doesn't matter before it's too late.

Why hourly wages don't make sense, but a 30-hour workweek does

Does working hard make you more money or does it just enrich shareholders? The concept of hourly wages could soon be eradicated.