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Almost Everyone Needs to Take Vitamins

I think you don't need vitamins only under certain conditions. 

Change is Hard, But the Results Can Be Immediate

I think people just have to sort of basically realize that they’re going to face some difficulties in the first few days. 

How Communities Can Fix Health Care

We have to take it upon ourselves, as a society, and not wait for somebody else to solve this for us.  

Everybody's Different: The Value of Functional Medicine

Some people may have influences from allergens or toxins or gut bacteria or may have nutritional deficiencies. 

We Need to Occupy Health Care

Health is not going to come from the health care system.  Health is going to come from each one of us where we live, eat, work, play and pray focusing on how to do the right thing.

The Obesity Conspiracy

Big food, which is industrial food, big farming, which is agribusiness, and big pharma all profit from making people sicker and fatter.  

It's Time We Regulate Food Like Tobacco

The government spends $4 billion a year, pays for 10 billion servings of soda for poor people every year.