Free will and Fatalism are compatible.

Could this be significant enough to answer the debate?

I've been away for too long missed you guys.

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I know that I just shot an arrow into the war of Atheism Vs. Christianity but if we have time can we also discuss this topic. I’m a laymen and don’t understand economics like Roakes does but isn’t this spat the central issue to our global recession? Are we to blame the get rich quick day-traders or the lazy hold on to stock no matter what crew? Is it something that should be a blame game or is a real illegal activity going on, where the death of capitalism comes from the greediest capitalist? Cramer: "Should we have been constantly hammering their positions? Of course." I look forward to reading bigthinks thoughts.

There are so many numerous weak philosophical atheist arguments its hard to pinpoint just one to bash on, but this one just has to be by far the worse. The idea that history has pushed Christ through because of its keeping the masses subverted ideas. Why is this a ridiculous idea? As atheists like to point out didn't Jesus say that our next life is our treasure? Didn't the Holy word lay a claim for servants to honor their masters? Didn't it deny this existence importance? Yes atheists it did, but follow with me here: ALL Christians are supposed to follow Christ lead in leadership. Meaning, we call a man God who, willingly, went to the cross to die for our sins. With that he left us with the responsibility to Love others like he Loved us. Now whether or not you want to believe what we know is true; Objectively, can't you see what a weak argument: "Christianity is what is best for subverting the masses" is? Because our LEADERS are charged, by Jesus example, to be subservient to the masses in a leadership role. Yes, you might be wise to point out that this example and charge Christ gave us isn’t how it has often been. This fact you could point out though tends to be more true because of the human nature aspect of absolute power corrupts absolutely vs. the Jesus example makes it easier to control the masses. However, the point remains the words of Christ are to Love all of humanity the way he loved all of humanity. Meaning, even if you are God you are to die (or simply put: do anything) for those considered below you. It would be much easier for leader’s to adopt a Hinduism religion that focuses on reincarnation and creates a religiosity of different classes if their goals were to subvert the masses. This Hinduism idea would be the religion any leader who wanted to subvert the masses would push and yet Christ words remain. Good luck tadpoles with your view that this life is all there is. I pray for your sakes your right because you do, mostly, seem like genuinely nice, simpleminded, but nice folks.

To the world God’s word is foolishness; to God’s people the worlds knowledge is elementary. Isaiah 55:8-9 states: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." This scripture firmly entrenches in my heart that the LORD God in his Word declares all things knowable to the Christian. If one is ministering in El Salvador one can’t expect not to learn the native tongue. As challenging as it is to learn a new language, it is the job of the minister not the subject. Those who don’t know Christ don’t know what they don’t know. Christ is the redeemer and savior of souls. He is so far beyond our ways that by ignoring the rabbit holes the enemy lies people into following, we only hurt the mission Christ gave us. The charge from our Lord and scripture was to go out and teach the gentiles not ignore their knowledge and deem it foolish. Nothing is new under the sun as Ecclesiastes scripture points out. Therefore, then Christians, it is our duty to learn the world’s knowledge and show Christ’s infinite wisdom above all others.