'Insult Comic' Lisa Lampanelli on the Amazing Thing That Happens When You Insult Yourself Instead

In comedy, as with any form of storytelling, it's refreshing to make a true personal connection with your audience. It's this lesson that's fueled the next phase of Lisa Lampanelli's career.


Lisa Lampanelli made her name in the comedy world by making fun of people. That's all fine and dandy, and it's not something she's going to stop doing (you've been warned), but her stand-up act has undergone a recent transformation that she considers purposeful and resonant. Now she's incorporating more of what she doesn't like about herself. She runs through her struggles in a funny way that really affects and connects her audience. Lampanelli explains in this video interview how in comedy, as with any form of storytelling, it really makes a difference when you incorporate frank and honest personal testimonies. Not only does it make you more endearing, but also it sends an important message to those who share your struggles: "You are not alone." Lisa's fifth comedy special, Back to the Drawing Board, premiered Friday, June 26, 2015 on EPIX.

Making Fun of People Is Inclusive, but Only If It’s Funny

Fear of offending one another is driving us apart, says the celebrated comic. That's why we have comedy.


Whatever we're most afraid to talk about, that's where comedy should go, says famously outrageous (and outrageously funny) comedienne Lisa Lampanelli. We're spending way too much time tiptoeing around each other for fear of causing offense, and it's driving people and communities apart. Whatever makes us laugh brings us closer together.