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The Intellectual Life of a Navy SEAL

A SEAL’s smartest weapon, like a scholar’s, is his mind: his capacity to assess complex situations. This assessment is then coupled with the courage to achieve a given goal, and the humility to move on quietly to the next task.

Write Like Shakespeare

This is Twilight, for poets. It’s not designed to fly over your head; it’s designed as to shoot straight to your heart.

WRITING: Poems About Power

Between the WikiLeaks scandal and the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, Frederick Siedel's "Our Gods" is the perfect poem for our times.


Amidst the radical change in the Middle East, JFK's first inaugural address remains a prescient reminder that our nation is founded upon the ideals of revolution and social progress. 

Has Facebook Killed Sentence Structure?

Is evidence of shorter sentences—or no sentences at all—evidence of shallower emotions? “A kind of death of the sentence by collective neglect,” is how Adam Haslett puts it.

Is Mad Men A Dangerous Idea?

Making America fall in love with Don Draper is dangerous, because we will want to be him, or be with him, and both of these will bring moral compromise.