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The End of Language Learning?

Mobile apps, learning communities and services on the Internet now offer a far more effective and also cheaper way to do these tasks as a student.

What Computer Game Design can Teach us for Lesson Design

A good computer game, like a good lesson plan, challenges a player’s skills but also makes it not too frustrating or impossible to win.

Learning in Virtual Worlds: Not Just Child's Play

Innovative startups are using virtual worlds like Second Life and Twinity as virtual classrooms for people to learn new skills and languages. Could this one day replace brick-and-mortar classrooms?

Outsourcing in Higher Education

Economic constraints play an increasingly bigger role in choosing which programs to offer on campus. Two new startups are offering novel solutions to this economic reality.

The Dawn of Data as Dusk of Degrees

Currently, we are unable to prove our “hidden” knowledge, things that are learned “along the way” rather than in a certified course or degree program. That needs to—and will—change, perhaps thanks to these innovative start ups.

Demand Driven Education

What could the future of search and information distribution look like? Here are two very exciting possibilities.

Walking Across Campus Whilst Sitting on your Couch

Newly unveiled personal robots or drones could allow students from across the globe to actively take part in campus life on any college or university they chose, like remote-controlled avatars. 

Facebook and Education - Do Opposites Finally Attract?

The education revolution is already underway, but will it utilize the pre-existing network created by Facebook, or will a new, education-specific network spring up? 

The Power of Communities in Modern Language Learning

In the near future, foreign language students will interact online with other students around the globe, creating communities for exchanging language skills.