DNA + Fossils = The Big Data of Life

We have an archive of antique and, in fact, fossil DNA in museums that compliments the DNA and the genomics that we acquire from living humans and living animals. 

What’s incredible about genomics is its ability to get a lot of data really fast in a way that can be analyzed in very useful ways. 

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Plants, Animals, Humans: We Are All of One Original Genome

There’s a woven web of ecology that ties humans deeply to the rest of the living things on this planet. 

I’ve been really impressed by the amount of knowledge that’s gleaned by simply sequencing the genome of one species – that of the human. 

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What Paleontology Teaches Us About Our Own Future

We’re literally learning as much about the evolution of life on Earth by looking at what happened in the past as we are at looking at the breakthroughs in genomics and DNA of living things. 

Paleontology is an amazing field because there’s this curious fact that our planet buries its dead.  That didn’t have to be the case but it does turn out that in many parts of the planet when an animal or plant dies it can be buried by things like landslides or mudflows or river mud or tar or ice. 

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What's in a Fossil? The Playbook for Our Future as a Species

The awareness that we can choose our future is new to us as a species.

When I say the word fossil most people think "dusty old museum and fossil."  But fossils are incredibly important because they tell the story of this planet in a way that no other object does. 

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