The Only Best and Smartest, Ben Bernanke

I can predict (may I Professor Roubini!), Bank industry is safe now! The had been tested, best and smartest Ben Bernanke! He does not want more money, more fame! He just wants the American survive this recession and serves the people! I wish President Obama would extend one more term for this humble Ben! Let him finish his job!!

Technology & Innovation

After the debacle of Vietnam War, if somebody says you are the best and brightest in Washington. It may hint that he is the untested one and looser. So, I prefer the best and smartest to describe our Fed Chairman, the humble, loyal and tested Ben Bernnake.

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Obama’s Sino Expert and The Rising China

The Sino-expert didn’t suggest our President Obama to quote Karl Marx but Mencius. I hope the Chinese comrades have the courage to get rid of the “Goat skin” of Communism and further walk out the shadow of Deng Xiaoping. Sino-expert of America can learn something from Mencius. Chinese surely can learn from him too and change the modern China to a positive rising China.

Politics & Current Affairs

Since 1949, we lost China to Mao’s Communist regime; we had fight with Mao’s army in Korea and Vietnam. To me, if we would get qualified Sino experts in US side, the outcome of Korea and Vietnam wars would be different.

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Red Flag: The Chinese iPS research

For the world and the Chinese they’re certainly welcoming the good news about Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cell research but not for the US.

Surprising Science


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The Critical Moment of America, Health Care Legislation!

Within the Bush era, the Congress had the worst record in history. Almost 99% Congressman and woman passed Bush’s choice of Iraqi war. We pay a huge price! Now I hope they make the right choice: delay the bill until the economy is fully recovery and the job employment rate stays at 3 to 4 %.\r\n\r\nLooking at the severity of our recession, timing is not right for this hurry and imperfect health care bill!\r\n

House Leader, Lady Nancy Pelosi declared to day (July 21st, 09), she had enough vote to pass the health care bill.  South Carolina Senator, Jim Demint (R) called the Obama Health Care plan a “ Waterloo moment.” The President struck back “That isn’t about me.” He is right, health care bill now become every American’s business.  If it gets passed in both chambers of Congress. The bill will have a profound effect of the future of America!

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