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Kenji Yoshino on a Pivotal Identity Moment in His Career

To what extent are you "yourself" at work? Renowned legal scholar Kenji Yoshino studies the phenomenon of "covering."

Kenji Yoshino: Diversity Does Not Mean Having to Choose Between Identity and Inclusion

Author and academic Kenji Yoshino describes the difference between passing and covering, and how companies will sometimes employ a facile form of diversity inclusion that necessitates the former.

Shakespeare on Trial

Last night three U.S. Supreme Court judges participated in the annual mock trial event in Washington D.C. Law professor Kenji Yoshino explains how these events use Shakespeare to teach us about justice. 

The House is on Fire: Which Shakespeare Play Would You Save?

Peter Diamandis has suggested we need to practice "planetary redundancy" and back up crucial information "off the planet." What achievements of mankind deserve a place on this digital Noah's Ark?

Shakespeare, Our Contemporary

How does the greatest poet of the English language speak to our most pressing contemporary issues? A distinguished panel finds in Shakespeare some striking analogies to our expectations of Obama as a leader, the turmoil in the Middle East, and America's love of revenge. 

How to Think Like Shakespeare: An Introduction

On each day of Shakespeare’s birth month, Big Think will examine a different way that studying Shakespeare enriches the various disciplines—from neuroscience to business to psychology and beyond.

Kenji Yoshino: How Has the Constitution Changed in Your Lifetime?

Yoshino talks through the malleability of the Constitution, notably how homosexuality has become an issue of liberty rather than equal protection.