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Money Has Been Making People Crazy Since King Midas

What do the sacred scriptures of various religions say about money? How has it evolved as a means of social control since the days of Ancient Mesopotamia? Bestselling author Kabir Sehgal talks big chunks of history and even bigger chunks of change.

Cheapskate? Show off? Tipping Says a Lot About You (and Your Culture)

Tipping is complicated. In some countries, tipping too much is a grave insult. In others, it's a sign of wealth. And in the US, how much you tip depends entirely on your mood at the time.

Wall Street's Biggest Problem Could Be High Testosterone

Author Kabir Sehgal discusses several reasons why Wall Street investors make irrational decisions that lead to market instability.

What Will Money Look Like 500 Years in the Future? Ask a Sci-Fi Author.

Best-selling author Kabir Sehgal explores the future of money during the age of space tourism and explains why it's better to pay attention to predictions of science-fiction than those of economists.