Bible should be interpreted as set of guidlines for better living, individualy and as a member of a community. Old testament is a set of guidelines for physical wellbeing and New testament intended for psycological well being and coegsistance. If you take it's words as absolute infalability then how do you explain 'God created the world in six days"? The question is What day? How long is that Day. I would say it's importance is that God have his fingers in creation, not that He said it and thats it. Creation is still ongoing, it started at Big Bang and it will end at the end of the whole universe. The earth is changing, there is less volcanoes, continental shells are moving, stars are moving away from each other and burning out.  I say that science and bible are not contradictory, only that science will prove the Bible as the truth, only science is lagging in many aspects. Consider the ritual water washing before entering the sinagogue. The science proved that we have to keep cleaning ourselfs from bacteria and viruses. Prayers direct rythm of breathing, Lately there are a lot of proofs about effect of breathing to fight mental deppression. Now lets consider Big Bang as an explosion. Explosion consist of extreme widening of a small compact material. So in the begining there was a small ball of matter, enormeously smal, let's say a mile size ball of matter. Recent proff of Einstain's theory of relativity on atomic level shows how it happened. 5% of mass of atom is neutron, while electrons and protons do not have mass. Rest of the mass, 95% is caused by fast movement of electrons who do not have mass. So if Big Bang ball before explosion consisted only of neutrons then God gave the movement by including electrons and protons which do not exist if not moving, and they can move only at speed of light. If they do not have mass then they do not exist. Sudden movement and space requierements for movement of electrons around every single neutron and magnetic resistance represent explosion: the Big Bang. In conclusion electrons and protons gave movement (life) to universe. Hence, electrons and protons are God. God is everywhere, electrons are everywhere, there is no life without electrons, there is no life without God. Light is a foton (single electron in linear motion, no matter, only movement). God is the light.

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I do think that is important to view it trough the prism of money lost with lost jobs. It would show how much local interests are impacted, not only federal interests. Lost jobs have a negative impact on naibourhoods and local government that has less revenue and so it provides les services to the community. On the human interest prism, it is positive if its temporary: it forces people to comunicate with comunity searching for help and developing more contacts.

There is an assumption that there is not enough available investments in this economic crisis and that tax cuts to all will provide needed savings. In the time when desintegration of unions over long period of time created lack of consumer buying power and extreme borrowing masked that fact, there is too much investments that create bubbles that burst with negative consequences. My idea is to cut down on the amount of investments the same way they were created, by temporary tax on wealthy to achieve ballance of supply and demand. there should be a 3 year tax of 80% on excess of a million dollar earners. That could curb deficit and create financial pool for government infrastructure investments. Other way to do this is by selling infrastructure bonds domestically, just as war bonds during WWII.