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Be Cautious of the Fallacy Fallacy

There’s a danger to learning about cognitive biases and logical fallacies and so on which is that you end up with this tool kit of ways to reject other people’s arguments.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short: The Planning Fallacy Explained

Why do we systematically underestimate the amount of time or money we are going to spend on a given project? 

You Can Be Your Own Team of Rivals

Don’t stop at the first explanation that occurs to you, ask your inner rivals what competing explanations they can come up with.

Why you need to outthink your lazy brain

It's important to challenge "good enough" explanations.

Want to Be Taken Seriously? Take the Long View

When you concede a point, what you're doing is making an investment in your ability to be taken seriously and listened to by people in the future.

Know When to Redirect Your Competitive Impulse

You can take your competitive drive and use it to make you more receptive to changing your mind if the evidence warrants it. 

Separate the Argument from the Source.

A tool to help you consider an argument on its own merits instead of being tainted by your current feelings towards the person making it.

Ego Check: Congratulate Yourself Mentally

One of the most important things you can do is just accept your need for ego validation.

Debunking Straw Vulcan Rationality

The Straw Vulcan is a nice trope for Hollywood to use such that Captain Kirk can save the day, but in reality we can't be emotionless.