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Are Geniuses Born or Made? A Conversation with Dr. Joy Hirsch

Is there a way to bring out the genius within all of us? The New York Times columnist Carl Zimmer asks neuroscientist Joy Hirsch about the nature of neuro-identity.

Genius is a Continuum, with Dr. Joy Hirsch

Neuroscientist Joy Hirsch chats with The New York Times columnist Carl Zimmer about searching within the brain for where "genius" resides.

I Was Born a Scientist

I always wanted to push the boundaries.  There was always a ‘why.’  So if somebody gave me an answer, I wanted to know why that was so. 

Two Ways Neuroscience Will Impact the Law

Can one read the brain and make inferences about what is actually being experienced by an individual? 

The New Horizon of Neuroscience

The current research that is most exciting is aimed toward understanding how the brain looks now at the connectivity between specific areas.