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Let’s Decide the Future of the Internet Before It’s Decided for Us

The online experience is changing rapidly, explains Harvard Law professor Jonathan Zittrain, and not necessarily for the better. We should act to make sure certain norms such as web surfing persist as they are.

Why Wikipedia Works Really Well in Practice, Just Not in Theory

Harvard University's Jonathan Zittrain explores the amazing success of Wikipedia, a concept that "works really well in practice, just not in theory."

Are Trolls Just Playing a Different Game Than the Rest of Us?

Trolling isn't just the actions of ornery black sheep on the web. Jonathan Zittrain explains that it's a set of behaviors due to be studied more intently in the coming years.

Cell Phones Are the Next Big Brother

While cell phones offer liberating possibilities for the world, they also threaten personal privacy. Harvard Law School Professor Jonathan Zittrain takes this Devil's Advocate position.