How can the music industry inform the system of K-12 education?

The history of the music industry parallels that of many industries and institutions in the U.S. Many, that is, except for education.

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  • The history of the music industry has been one of bundling and un-bundling: Originally, the only place you could hear your favorite song was on the radio, if you were lucky. But then you could buy a single on a 45. Then, individual songs became bundled again on LPs. Then, you could buy them un-bundled through mp3s.
  • This process of bundling and un-bundling has taken place in many industries and institutions over time. The result is greater choice, more personalization, and a better experience.
  • But this hasn't really happened in education. Instead, education has been delivered in a one-size-fits all bundle that's not really relevant for every student. How can we fix this?
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