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What Financial Planners Don't Know About History

You’re trying to really pit your wits against history, but we’re all in that situation.

I Understand History is Cyclical. So What Do I Do Now?

What one can do is absorb and act on the insight that events which we’ve been taught are abnormal are in fact normal and that normal collapses, normal breakdowns, normal crises occur within most human lives. 

One is Wasting Life in the Futile Hope of Prolonging it.

You need to make a decision about how much thought and anxiety you’re going to invest in an attempt to prolong your life, which may be thwarted by the normal contingencies of human history.  

The Power of Vigilant Doubt

By occupying or inspecting or exploring other views of the world you can potentially identify some of the blind spots in our own views.

Two Reasons the Fear of Death is Universal

This question touches on one of the most fundamental issues that is addressed by anybody who thinks about mortality, the end of mortality.